4 Companies That Use Refrigerated Vans

4 Companies That Use Refrigerated Vans

One of the most common uses for refrigerated vans is to transport food. There are many different companies that use them, including restaurants, butchers, and other food suppliers. The reasons vary from company to company. Some need a way to keep their products cool while they’re on the road or in transit so they don’t spoil before reaching their destination.

Others find it easier than storing the items in a warehouse because it’s more cost-effective and space-efficient. Refrigerated vans can also be used as mobile catering facilities which are convenient for people who have an event on short notice and need food delivered right away! 

Here at BHRV, we have been providing businesses with refrigerated vans for a number of years, during this time we have worked alongside a number of industries. We have put together a list of 4 industries you may not know use refrigerated vans. 

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One of the more obvious companies we have worked with is a fishmonger, whether they are delivering fresh fish locally or to specific restaurants, a refrigerated van is crucial for ensuring the fish gets to their final destination in the best quality possible. Fishmongers are able to utilise a range of different aspects that come in hand with using a refrigerated van, such as the option to plug into the mains to keep the van cold while loading the fish. 

Seafood can spoil quickly when it isn’t kept at the right temperature, so for a fishmonger, a refrigerated van is one of the best investments you can make. It will help you keep your fish fresh and at a good quality, in turn helping you keep a good profit margin coming in and also a reputation for offering fresh fish. 

Green Grocers 

Similarly to fishmongers, greengrocers are also thriving through utilizing the current refrigerated van market. Having learnt how important it is to keep food at the right temperature, greengrocers up and down the country have been using the vans to transport food to restaurants, markets and also to carry out home deliveries. The main reason is to ensure the consumer at the other end receives the highest quality fresh fruit and vegetables possible.  

More and moreover the last few years home deliveries for food have increased, especially during the pandemic, local greengrocers have been able to keep up their reputation for fresh fruit and veg by having the option to deliver using refrigerated vans. Delivering all of their produce at the right temperature can really make that company stand out compared to other local competitors that do not use refrigerated vans.

Local Pharmacy 

When it comes to the food industry, refrigerated transport is expected to ensure the food reaches its final destination in the highest quality possible. But what about other industries? Pharmacies for example. It isn’t as obvious, but the pharmaceutical industry does in fact use refrigerated vans. It is just as important for medical companies to be able to have access to these kinds of vans, this is for the same reason as food, to ensure they are delivered to their final destinations in the best state possible. 

Customers of pharmacies rely on the medications they either pick up or have delivered are stored at the correct temperature to keep them in the right conditions. Pharmacies promptly receive shipments and move the tablets, medications and more directly into a refrigerated van, programmed to be the right temperature. 

Pharmaceutical products must be stored and transported in a specific temperature-controlled van, this not only means they are kept safe during transit, but they are also safe for the user at the other end of the delivery. Sometimes you find small pharmaceutical companies hire refrigerated vans, whilst larger companies will have vans and lorries that they own. 

Art Gallery

Has it ever crossed your mind why art galleries are a little on the cold side? This is because especially expensive and collectable art needs to be kept at a certain temperature. So what happens when this art needs moving? It needs to be loaded into a refrigerated van, this keeps the art in the right conditions for transportation. Fine art especially needs to be looked after every step of the journey, so having a refrigerated van means you can move those priceless paintings without stress and worry. 

One thing to remember about temperature-controlled vans is that they don’t always keep items refrigerated. Depending on the artwork you are moving depends on the temperature your van needs to be. These vans allow for high-end art pieces to be transported to different galleries up and down the country. 

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