Benefits Of Refrigerated Vans

Benefits Of Refrigerated Vans

We all know that the summer heat is here and it’s time to start thinking about your business. You might be wondering if you need a refrigerated van or not, so our team here at BHRV are going to answer this question for you by giving you the benefits of purchasing a refrigerated van. 

Refrigerated vans are perfect for businesses that transport perishable goods such as produce, dairy, meat and seafood. These items can only stay fresh for a certain amount of time before they spoil and go bad; refrigeration helps keep these products fresh until they reach their destination. Read our blog below about the benefits of a refrigerated van to help you decide whether it sounds like an investment for you. 

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Not Just For Food Deliveries 

Believe it or not, refrigerated vans are not just for food deliveries and distributors. Considering the nature of the food industry, it is understandable why restaurants, butchers, food suppliers and caterers use refrigerator vans as a main source of transport for their business, but other industries can utilise them as well. For example, other industries such as pharmaceuticals, florists, personal cosmetics and perfumes can also be delivered in cold vans. 

Any industry that relies heavily on temperature-controlled areas means they should be looking into refrigerated vans, keeping products at the correct temperature ensures you prevent spoiling whilst on your journey, cross-contamination or damage and keeps them safe during high temperatures. Keeping food safe during warmer temperatures is just as important as pharmaceuticals, makeup, flowers and more. 

You Have Temperature Controls 

With refrigerated vans you are in full control, you can change the temperature in the back of the van, this works perfectly for companies that need to transport different products and goods. Not everything is kept at the same temperature. One of the most important things to mention here is that with the different range of vehicles on the market today, you need to make sure you know what temperature you need your van to reach. Some need freezing temps and others just fridge temperatures, you need to know this before you purchase. 

With this being said, temperatures in the back of refrigerated vans can be changed by the driver, this means you can transport a wide range of goods in the same vehicle. Meaning your van becomes extremely versatile. 

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Multiple Compartments

Similarly to our previous point about changing temperatures, some of the larger refrigerated vans have multiple compartments. Dual compartments with adjustable temperature gauges for each are available for more advanced models. These vans are perfect for companies that package and deliver products that need to be kept at different temperatures, meaning you can deliver everything at the same time without compromising quality. 

It goes without saying this feature works best for the food industry and caterers who transport different produce that needs different temperature storage. Whether you are looking to deliver frozen and chilled goods at the same time, or chilled goods and cupboard goods, the vans have the ability to offer different compartments and differing temperatures. 


Overnight Settings 

Most refrigerated vans offer an overnight electrical standby setting, this offers a seamless change from on-road use to the vehicle being parked up stationery. This means you can park up your van for the evening and go about your evening plans without worrying about the goods and produce in the back of the van. It will be kept cold overnight without any problems.

Keep your products and goods cold overnight. 

Business Expansion

One of the biggest benefits of refrigerated vans is that they give you the opportunity to grow and develop your business. You can take control of the development of your business when you have a refrigerated van, it gives you the chance to be more involved in every step of the process from your customers ordering through to the goods and products being delivered. By buying one van or a fleet of vans you are expanding your business into new territory every time you add a vehicle, this is the same even if the vans you buy aren’t refrigerated. 

Vans are beneficial to small businesses as it allows you to take your goods on the road, having a larger area coverage you will gain a larger customer base. Door to door services attracts potential customers everywhere you go. Give yourself and your business the chance to grow and develop, buying refrigerated vans will give you this chance. 

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Contact BHRV Today 

Having a refrigerated van can be a game-changer for all kinds of businesses. If you’re still on the fence, it might help to know how these vans work and what they have to offer before making your decision. 

For example, if you use one of these vans as part of your business model or fleet, then having access to this kind of technology could increase efficiency and profitability by reducing operating costs while increasing sales volume at the same time.

And that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to benefits! The bottom line is that there are plenty more reasons why investing in a refrigerated van may make sense for any company – so don’t wait another minute. Contact BHRV for more information or read our FAQs today. We can help you with new, used and converted vans. 

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