Fridge and Freezer Van Conversions Explained

Fridge and Freezer Van Conversions Explained

When it comes to refrigerated van and freezer van installation & vehicle conversions, they are vehicles that have been converted into fridge and freezer vans, making them suitable and capable of transporting different goods and products that need specific temperatures. This could be pharmaceutical products and equipment, to a range of catering and food supplies.

Fridge Van Conversions

By using top manufacturing techniques and top of the range quality control systems, at BHRV we provide approved refrigerated vehicle conversions. We utilise a vehicle’s components so that we can optimise its productivity. Our vehicles aim to be flexible and can match a range of requirements such as different temperatures. Each and every refrigerated van conversion will be tested to ensure it has been carried out correctly and to the highest standards. We also do this to make sure that the converted fridge van is suitable for usage, whatever that may be – perishables, samples, medicines and pharmacy equipment for catering and food products.

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The Vehicle Conversion Process


We use high-quality insulation, all of which have been provided to the best manufacturing standards, these materials include low thermal conductivity and will also be fire-resistant, we will also make sure that they prevent any water or fluid absorption.


The refrigeration unit will be installed and it is essential that it does not penetrate the vehicle lining. At BHRV when it comes to refrigeration solutions, we aim to make sure that the refrigerated van conversions will also maintain the right temperature in a range of environments.


We will only use materials that are going to be strong and durable, as well as options that are reinforced, we do this to avoid more weighty options as well as make sure we don’t compromise on strength and durability. We may also reinforce certain areas if necessary, but this will depend on the vans usage.

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Refrigeration Van Conversions from BHRV

At BHRV we provide high-quality fridge van conversions, all of which are always being updated in order to provide the best finish possible. From a standard build to different designs, our customer specifications can always be met to help you to achieve a conversion that will suit your business requirements. As professionals, we believe that we can convert any panel van into either a chiller or freezer refrigerated van conversion depending on what products you carry. We will take into account factors before your new fridge van conversion starts. We don’t just build the conversions ourselves, we also fit the refrigeration system, so lead times are reduced as we have an in-house engineer.

The preferred refrigeration manufacturer that we use is GAH Transport Refrigeration, which has over 25 years of experience of working closely with customers, from supermarkets home delivery vehicles, transporting fresh or frozen food or pharmaceuticals. GAH Refrigeration provides the best solutions to meet every transport refrigeration requirement and service as well as being temperature controlled. All new GAH Refrigerations come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We care about providing you with the best conversion possible and meeting all your needs, as well as offering value for money. You can find out more about ‘what is a freezer or fridge van conversion’ here.

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