How Does A Refrigerator Van Work

How Does A Refrigerator Van Work

When it comes to refrigerated vans, they are exactly what they sound like. Here at BHRV we are experts when it comes to refrigerated vans, they come boasting the same properties as a household refrigerator but slightly different and on a larger scale. Used across the country as a way to transport goods and products for distribution they are often spotted on our roads.

If you are interested in how refrigerated vans work, our team here at BHRV have put together this blog post regarding how they work so you can work out which model of the refrigerated van will work best for you.

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How Do They Work?

Believe it or not, they work in the same way household refrigerators do, using airtight containers to lock in the cold and block out the heat, keeping the inside cold and refrigerated. They offer a way to transport products and goods that need to be kept at a low temperature, enabling an easy way of distribution across the country. Long haul deliveries have been made possible because of the refrigerated vans available on the market today.

Similarly to a household refrigerator, vans also come fitted with a condenser, this has been designed to condense air into a liquid, and forces the heat to dissipate. The liquid that is leftover from this process cools and makes its way to the evaporator.

When it comes to refrigerated vans, the air evaporates inside the cavity where the stored goods are put for transportation. This moves air into the area and is evaporated at a low temperature, keeping all heat absorbed and ensuring the van is kept at a cool temperature. The air circulating allows for the backspace of the refrigerated van to stay cold and keep at a low temperature with only minor fluctuations.

The gas that is leftover moves back to the compressor, the heart of the system, it turns the low-pressure gas into hot, high-pressure gas. Which is then forced out of the condenser and the whole process starts again. It is basically the same as your conventional fridge at home in your kitchen, except on a larger scale. Giving you the perfect option for transporting and distributing cold goods.

Insulated Vans

When it comes to insulation, household refrigerators and refrigerated vans are slightly different to each other, this is because refrigerators in your home are more often than not subject to fairly consistent temperatures. Whereas vans that are travelling on the road are subject to not only cold temperatures especially overnight but also very hot temperatures during the summer.

The most important part of a refrigerated van is the insulation, for a high-quality van you need thick, high-quality insulation. The more insulation your van has, the better refrigeration it will offer. Not only will it keep the cold in, but it will also stop the heat from moving in, vacuum locked doors also prevent this but that is an add on you can choose when purchasing your van.

There are a lot of vans on the market today, all of which come with different standards of insulation, different levels of freezer systems and also, in general, can be used for different needs.

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How Do You Choose The Right Van

When it comes to all of the different makes and models on the market today it can be difficult to choose the right one for you based on how they work. You need to take into consideration what van would be suitable for you and your company, it all depends on what type of temperature you need the van to be. Another thing you need to consider is choosing a van that will work the product you have, whether it be food products or goods that need to be stored at the right temperature.

Choose from a range of refrigerated vans on the market today, they are; insulated vans, conversion chiller vans, semi-freezer vans and full-freezer vans. If you want to know more about the different van options, take a read of one of our other blogs right here. It has all the information you need about the different options available to you.

Here at BHRV we can offer you new and used refrigerated vans as well as full conversion options, get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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