Our Ultimate Guide To Refrigerated Vans

Our Ultimate Guide To Refrigerated Vans

Whether you already have a business set up that requires refrigerated vans or freezer vans, or you are planning on setting up a company that requires them, they are an excellent asset for companies that need to transport perishable goods. They are necessary for businesses that deal in fruit, vegetables, fresh produce, and even medical supplies. Using a refrigerated truck or van gives yourself the best opportunity to provide your customers with outstanding produce and delivery; this also considers your customers’ health and safety, which is the utmost important aspect of transporting any goods. 

If you are trying to maintain or increase your company’s reputation, correctly transporting your goods is one of the best ways. You also need to make sure you are on the right side of any health and safety rules and laws that cover the items you are distributing, for example, if your products need to be refrigerated, they need to be delivered in a van that can keep the temperature between 0 + 8 degrees. All it takes is one incredibly sunny and hot day, which we know doesn’t happen as often as we would like in the UK, to ruin your entire van of produce without a temperature-controlled area. Don’t put your company’s stock at risk and jeopardise the chance to make profits by not having the right equipment to transport your items safely. 

The process of buying a refrigerated van might not be as straightforward as it sounds; there is a range of factors that need to be considered before buying or even renting a van for your business. You need to decide the size of van you need, think about how much load you need to transport daily, and what temperature the van will need to be kept at to work effectively. The main thing to consider is if you are planning on expanding in the future or increasing the number of products you offer, whether or not the van you buy now will be suitable then, they are not cheap, so it is essential to consider this. 

The most significant consideration is whether a refrigerated van is right for you? Our team at BHRV has been providing customers with refrigerated vans and hiring our refrigerated vans to companies far and wide. Not only that, but we can carry out complete refrigeration conversion services if you already have a van. To find out more, get in touch with one of our team members today. We have several years of experience in our field and can help you find the right refrigerated van for you.

Do You Need A Refrigerated Van?

It might come as a shock to you to hear that the range of companies and businesses that can benefit from a refrigerated van is more than just food companies; having worked in the industry for several years, we have put together a shortlist of the top handful of companies we have worked with over the years. 

Catering Firms – One of the most prominent companies that would use a refrigerated van is a caterer; this allows them to safely transport food and beverages without health and hygiene regulations, including sandwiches and cakes, ideal for a local bakery! 

Florists – One of the most important aspects of a floristry company that delivers is a van that can be kept cold enough, so the bouquets and flowers stay fresh. Your flowers will wilt on a warm day and arrive looking tired and old without one. 

Ice Cream Companies – Nobody wants their ice cream runny or melted; with a freezer van, you will be able to keep your products frozen, running around -18 degrees. The smallest temperature increase on a sunny day can affect the quality of items such as ice cream; using a freezer van will help protect your stock! 

Pharmacies –  you may not know it, but medicines and pharmaceutical products need to be delivered at a specific temperature, with strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to; any company transferring medical products needs to do so at the right temperature.

One thing to bear in mind is that there is a legal requirement for companies to transport perishable goods correctly; if not, you will be found to be breaking The International Carriage Of Perishable Foodstuffs Regulations 1985, which is a punishable offence. Ensure you are using the right equipment to transport your products; it will help keep your reputation with customers high and reduce any risk of damaging products. 

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Read Our Top Things To Consider When Choosing A Refrigerated Van


This should without a doubt be the first thing you consider when thinking about a refrigerated van, regardless of whether you are transporting fish, sandwiches, cakes or medicines, the temperature needs to be suitable for your product every time. More often than not, refrigerated vans have temperature controls, but you will need to consider whether you need separate areas in the hold of the van for different products. For example, do you transport both cold and frozen products?

What are the good you transport?

The goods you transport will determine what kind of refrigerated van you need; every industry is different and will need to meet specific health and safety criteria. For example, an insulated van is only designed to maintain a temperature, such as overheating on summer days. This type of van does not have a refrigeration unit installed; it is ideal for customers who make short journeys, such as florists. 

Logistics Of Your Van 

You need to make sure that the layout of your van will work for your companies needs; for example, if you are a butcher and using your refrigerated van for transporting meats, you may need space for hanging products meaning a large refrigerated van will be needed. Realistically, you want to maximise your space if you have a conversion carried out. Otherwise, you are wasting valuable transportation space. 

Consider Your Doors

This is something that most people forget about, but the doors are vital to your van working correctly; when you are out delivering perishable goods to your customers, you will need to be in and out of the back of the van. Consider whether you require side or back doors, organise your deliveries on a first-out basis, and think about strip curtains; these will help retain a relaxed environment in your van. 

Do You Need Additional Features?

One final thing to consider is whether you need any additional features within your refrigerated van; maybe you have a large van and need anti-slip flooring for items that can create condensation or products such as fish that need to be on the ice. You might also find it will help when your drivers climb in and out the back of the van when out on delivery.  

Have You Considered A Fridge Van Conversion?

One of the most popular options for refrigerated vans is a converted van; this is simply a van that has been taken by a company such as ours and transformed into a refrigerated or freeze van. Having a conversion carried outcomes with a wide range of benefits, such as deciding on the layout of your new van to suit the needs of your business. Not only that, but it can help with cost-saving, especially if you already have a van that is suitable for the job, you will be able to have that converted. 

The main factors you need to consider when thinking about having your van converted to a refrigerated van are to discuss with the company you choose the logistics of your van and the refrigeration unit that will be fitted. 

  • Find out what the logistics are from insulation, how will the company prevent cold loss?
  • Confirm that your new van will meet the requirements for your industry once complete 
  • Always choose a reputable company for carrying out the conversion; this will make sure your finished van is of high standards. 

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Should You Hire Or Buy A Refrigerated Van?

Another major factor to consider when thinking about refrigerated vans is whether or not you are in the position to buy a van, or would it be more beneficial for you and your company to hire? This will solely depend on your business plan and the products you deliver, how often you deliver, and where you deliver. 

  • One main reason to hire a refrigerated van is that when you choose to hire, the van will be updated as and when it is coming to the end of its life on the road; when you buy a van, you will have to make another purchase. 
  • Hiring will be more beneficial than buying enough vans to run your company if you have a large fleet of delivery drivers.
  • Some periods may be quiet, and you might not need a van for a few months; this is why we would recommend hiring over buying. 

You would need to make sure you discuss with the company you are looking to hire your refrigerated van from; this will help provide them with a clear outline of what you are looking for. Our team at BHRV take great pride in making sure anyone who uses our rental service is getting the most for their money and that we provide you with exactly what you are looking for. 

What Makes & Models Of Refrigerated Vans?

Regardless of your requirements, the discussion on the make and model of the refrigerated van you choose will always be personal to your company and preferences. If you want to buy or hire a van from our company, we can provide you with new and used vans, conversions and rentals at highly competitive prices. Having been in the industry for several years, we have found five top companies our clients choose when purchasing or renting refrigerated vans. These are; 

We have several years’ experience in buying and selling both new and used refrigerated vans, our team know what we are talking about, so should you need help or guidance, we are the team for you. Let our team help you meet the demands of your business and provide you with the highest quality brands on the market. 

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Contact BHRV For More Information Today

When it comes to finding and choosing the right refrigerated van for your company, you have come to the right place; our team here at BHRV are always available to help you find the most suitable van for your company. When you decide to grow your company through the use of a refrigerated van, give us a call; we will be able to help you buy brand new vans, used vans, or help with full van conversions. 

If you would like more information on the refrigerated vans we can offer you and how they can help you expand your business, reach out to one of our team members today. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and make sure you get the right van for your company. 

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