Refrigerated Trucks

If you are in need of refrigerated trucks, look no further, at BHRV we are refrigerated truck specialists and provide a range of refrigerated and fridge trucks. We are a Kent based company and offer our fridge vans to customers in and around the UK, wherever you are based, we guarantee that we will meet all of your needs and requirements, simply view our range of fridge trucks online today. From pharmaceuticals to food deliveries and florists, BHRV we are known for the excellent quality fridge trucks that we offer, what’s more is that we provide both used and new fridge trucks. When you choose our company, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a fridge truck that meets all of your specifications and needs. When in need of fridge trucks, simply call BHRV today, we are home to an expert team who can always be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

Fridge Trucks

When in need of fridge trucks the team at BHRV have always got you covered, we are definitely the professional team that you can call on, what’s more is we have been offering our refrigerated trucks for many years and have 20 years of experience. At BHRV we are experts in fridge trucks and with this in mind, we are home to a highly professional and knowledgeable team who will ensure that you receive a fridge truck to the best standards. As an established firm, at BHRV we are the fridge truck company to call on, we’ve been supplying refrigerated trucks for 60 years so you can trust that you’re in the best place. Our years of experience has meant that we have supplied around 5000 fridge trucks to clients in and around the UK, so if you’re in need of a professional fridge truck stockist, make sure you call on our team today. At BHRV we really are the professionals to call on when you need an expert in fridge and refrigerated trucks.

Refrigerated Pickup Truck

Should you be searching for refrigerated pickup trucks or fridge trucks for sale, BHRV’s team has got you covered. We offer a range of fridge trucks and services to customers across the UK, whatever it is that you require, make sure that you see the range of trucks that we stock here at BHRV. The fridge trucks that we have for sale are of the highest standards and will meet all of your needs and requirements, what’s more is our refrigerated pickup trucks undergo the best conversions by highly technical and trained professional experts. This is all provided in our workshop which is fully equipped and includes everything you need to ensure a refrigerated truck of the best standards, whatever you need from your fridge truck, we will provide you with the best solution. Whether you need guidance or advice on the options that we provide, or you’d like to see the selection of fridge trucks that we offer. Make sure that you get in touch with BHRV’s team today, we are always available to take your call.

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Fridge Trucks UK

When you need refrigeration trucks, at BHRV we are the team to contact, we supply a range of refrigerated trucks in and around the UK, what’s more is they are all to the best quality and come with a range of benefits such as warranty and low mileage. Our fridge trucks are from the best brands and ensure reliability and performance, you can trust BHRV and our team of fridge van specialists. All of our fridge vans come with excellent features and are suited for a number of purposes, this includes efficiency and functionality. If refrigerated trucks are exactly what you need, make sure you take a look at our range online today.

Fridge Trucks for Sale

At BHRV the fridge truck that we provide for sale includes a collection of refrigerated trucks. We also stock both new and used trucks from our base in Kent and have worked with a range of customers in and around the UK so we can always be on hand to assist with your requirements. Whatever your needs, make sure you get in touch with the team at BHRV when you choose to invest in a new fridge truck.

Refrigerated Truck UK

We are known for being a leading UK stockist and supplier of refrigerated trucks, what’s more is we are highly regarded for the range of fridge trucks that we offer in and around the UK. We are also highly knowledgeable, so if you have any questions or queries regarding the trucks that we offer.

For Refrigerated Trucks, BHRV have got you covered

If you’re looking for Refrigerated Trucks or Fridge Trucks, simply get in touch with our professionals today. Alternatively, you can view our range and stock of products on our website, should you have any questions or queries, simply call our professional team today, they will be more than happy to assist.


Do you sell used refrigerated trucks?

Yes, at BHRV we are refrigerated truck specialists and we offer a range of refrigerated and fridge trucks across the UK. All of our fridge trucks are to the best quality and at BHRV we can only supply refrigerated trucks that are to the highest standards. Our team has over 60 years of experience in providing fridge trucks and refrigerated trucks, we also offer bespoke conversions on all chiller and freezer trucks, so rest assured that you’re in the right hands. We can also offer leasing packages which can be tailored to your specifications and this will include your requirements and budgets. For more information on our fridge trucks and how you can buy them from our website, please call the BHRV team today.

Why should I choose BHRV?

As experts, at BHRV we are the specialist team to call on when you require refrigerated trucks and fridge trucks, we provide an extensive range of fridge trucks which includes new and pre owned trucks. We are home to a vastly experienced team who have over 60 years in industry, what’s more is our company has been established for 20 years, so when iit comes to needing refrigerated truck experts, BHRV is the team to contact. We can also provide you with top quality refrigerated trucks that are to the highest standards, when you choose BHRV for your fridge truck, make sure that you count on our team, we offer a dedicated service. For more information, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

How do I find out more information about your refrigerated trucks?

If you need more information in regards to the refrigerated trucks that we offer, please contact BHRV today. If you require any advice regarding the type of truck that you may need, or the truck you should purchase, our team of experts have over 60 years of experience and have been advising our customers for over 20. We’re considered to be fridge truck specialists and can provide you with any information that you need when it comes to purchasing a refrigerated truck. So when it comes to needing guidance on choosing the right fridge truck for your needs, make sure you get in touch with BHRV today, our professionals are waiting for your call.

What commercial fridge trucks do you have for sale?

At BHRV we have supplied over 5000 refrigerated trucks to customers and clients across the UK. Our vast range of refrigerated truck options means that you’ll find the truck that you’re looking for, we have a fridge truck to suit everyone and anyone. From Fiat Ducatos to Ford Transits and Rangers, Mercedes Sprinter, Mitsubishi Canters, Peugeot Partner, Vauxhall Vivaro and Volkswagen Crafter, our range of fridge trucks is extensive and there’s something for everyone. Simply view our range of refrigerated trucks on our website or you can speak to a member of our team for more information.

Do you provide second hand fridge trucks?

Yes we do, as well as new fridge trucks, we also offer second hand refrigerator trucks. All of our used and second-hand refrigerated trucks have been restored and serviced to the best quality, this is to make sure that you receive a truck that is top quality. We’re renowned for being a premium refrigerated truck specialist and can provide you with a range of refrigerated trucks, this includes both secondhand and used trucks. For more information on the range of fridge trucks that we provide, please give our team a call today, we are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have.