Refrigerated vans during Covid-19

Refrigerated vans during Covid-19

The last 18 months have changed how many of us live our lives. After multiple lockdowns, the furlough scheme and much worrying for friends and family, many people are now looking back at how life has changed. In ways big and small, there is almost no one unaffected by the events of the last 18 months, in a similar way to how no industry has gone unchanged. We have changed the way we workshop and interact with each other. Much of this has been accomplished by utilising modern technology. One piece of technology which has played a significant supply role is the refrigerated van. Moderns refrigerated vans are very reliable when maintained correctly. In this article, we will outline precisely how refrigerated vans have changed over the choice of the pandemic. You have many options when it comes to refrigerated vans from new and used to hire.

Why are refrigerated Vans Important?

The role filled by refrigerated van is not numerous to count. These can range from a simple convince to being a fundamental part of saving lives. Many of us will never even sit in a refrigerated van. However, there are vital for the delivery of chilled produce at one end and the transport of lifesaving organs and blood suppliers for the medical industry.

How there were used pre lockdown?

The use of refrigerated vans goes back many years, and their use cases have changed over time. Thanks to their versatility and reliability, it is straightforward to use a refrigerated van in many ways. Like many pieces of modern technology, they commonly go unnoticed and are taken for granted by many. However, they are surprisingly complex and refined in their design. They are significantly more potent than your typical home fridge will also be durable enough to handle the continual vibration of the van driving between locations.

Medical Use

Possible the most important use case for refrigerated vans is their use in the medical industry. Many medications commonly used in hospitals must be transported at a low temperature to ensure continued effectiveness. In addition, they are also vital in transporting donated blood and organs where higher temperatures can result in the donated blood and organs becoming useless.

Food Deliveries

On far, less heroic use of refrigerated vans is the transport of food and drink from the farm or production facility to home, shops and businesses. I’m sure you would agree you would be unhappy if your weekly shop arrived and everything was defrosted. In many cased, the vans used for domestic food delivery are divided into sessions with some space dedicated to frozen food, some to chilled food and the rest left at an ambient temperature.

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How there use has changed?

The use of refrigerated vans has changed radically during the pandemic. Many of the vaccines we know use must be refrigerated from production to ensure no loss ineffectiveness. As a result, refrigerated van use has been vital in the role of the vaccine in the UK. Additionally, the dramatic increase in the number of home deliveries during lockdown has been unprecedented. These two factors have resulted in the most significant increase in the number of refrigerated vans on the roads in history. In many cases, preexisting vans have been retrofitted with the refrigeration system to mean demand.

What effect will this have on society?

The number of people still using home deliveries for their weekly shop shows perfectly how much of an effect the pandemic has had on how we live our lives. The need for refrigerated vans will likely continue for the foreseeable future. The pandemic has also undoubtedly affected society in countless ways, and we will continue to notice these changes for many years to come.

What effect will this have on the environment?

Over time people have voiced concern regarding refrigerated vans and the effect this may have on the environment. With the ever-increasing focus on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint,t it may surprise us that the use of refrigerated vans is helping to reduce greenhouse emissions. Primarily this is thanks to the ability for one refrigerated van to deliver to many homes in one well-planned journey rather than several individual journeys. Additionally, refrigerated vans ensure that produce is kept chilled for the entirety of the trip rather than being allowed to warm during transport.

Important Things To Consider

When looking back on the changes we have experienced, it is essential to hold onto the improvement we have discovered while also returning to normality. As more and more people rely on daily delivery, the vehicle we use must stay at the head of demand. Many companies will look to change to eclectic cars to reduce their effect on the environment in the years to come.

With the recent lockdown in place, it’s essential to have a clear plan for how you will be able to keep your food fresh and safe. If this is an issue that affects your business, contact BHRV today! We offer refrigerated vans with tailgate service that can help solve these issues. You won’t need any permits or licenses because we will come right into the loading dock of your building without ever having our truck on public property. If you have any questions or are interested in a refrigerated van, Contact our friendly team here at BHRV

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