Refrigeration Units for Fridge Vans and Vehicles

Refrigeration Units for Fridge Vans and Vehicles

When it comes to refrigeration units, they are available for a number of industry sectors and all come with different specifications. Should you be interested in purchasing a new refrigerated van, first you will need to consider your main requirements for the refrigerated vehicle, such as, the temperature of the unit that you require, as well as what you will be using the fridge unit van for.

Refrigerated Vans Makes and Models

Should you be looking for a new fridge van but you have already found the commercial panel for it, then before we provide the conversion we will need to know the exact specifications as well as the make and the model. This will allow us to assign the best refrigerator unit to your vehicle, making sure that it is powerful enough to hold and carry your products or items. It’s also important that we consider the temperature during transportation as well as any stops that you may make in the van, all of these areas will affect the type of refrigeration unit van you need. We aim to find you a suitable unit that will maintain the quality of the product in your vehicle, bigger vans will need more high powered units and smaller vans will usually be ok with a lowered power unit as they won’t need to keep as much space for chilled or frozen goods. By considering a specific make or model of a van, can also help to determine if the vehicle’s air conditioning unit can be retained or will need to be removed.

If you are interested in a complete bespoke fridge unit conversion from BHRV, then we will consider all of your needs and requirements, we will then come up with a package that suits your business and will provide you with the best performance possible.

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Temperature and Product Requirements

The temperature that is needed for your load space is another essential area to consider when it comes to choosing the right refrigeration unit van, should you need chiller units for vans or frozen unit, or maybe you need dual temperature refrigeration, either way, at BHRV we aim to provide you with the most powerful refrigeration unit van, ensuring that it is always at the right temperature.

Stop Offs

How many drops, collections or stop-offs you will make in your vehicle will affect the refrigeration unit in your van, ideally, if you can consider the length of an average working day, as well as how many stops you may do, this will help to choose the right refrigeration unit for your van. The more stops and the longer your day will be, the more powerful units you will need.

Stop/Start Engine

We can provide a stop/start system to newer van and vehicle conversions, the stop/start function will be automatically disengaged so there’s no need to turn the feature off each time you stop the engine.

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Keep The Vehicle Running During Deliveries

A ‘run lock’ system can be provided, this means that drivers can keep their fridge van running by the vehicle’s engine even when the van has stopped. The system will also monitor safety features automatically and deactivate the engine if any unauthorised movement is detected.


Should you have any questions or queries regarding the van refrigeration unit that we provide for fridge vehicles and vans, simply call our professional team today, they will be more than happy to assist.

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