Should You Hire Or Buy A Refrigerated Van?

Should You Hire Or Buy A Refrigerated Van?

Every business needs to transport goods, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. If you have a refrigerated van, you can take on more deliveries and save money by not having to lease or buy one. But if you don’t already own a refrigerated van, it can become expensive when you look to buy one, which is not always realistic for some companies, especially after the year a lot of businesses have through Coronavirus. 

The beauty of renting is that there are no long term commitments. You only pay for the equipment while it’s in use, which means after just a few months of using a rental company’s refrigerated trucking trailer with freezer units installed inside, many businesses find they’ve saved enough money to purchase their own from an authorized dealer such as us here at BHRV. Our team has a vast amount of knowledge and understanding when it comes to refrigerated vans, let us give you a few things to think of in the debate of rent or buy. 

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Your Budget 

One of the most important factors to take into account when deciding whether you should hire a van or buy one is the financial impact it will have on you and your business. Setting yourself a budget is crucial to understanding whether or not you can afford to buy. Small companies don’t usually have the funds to buy a fleet of refrigerated vans, and sometimes not the budget to purchase one, it is expensive to get high-quality vans. Refrigerated vans are more expensive than your regular vans, this is due to the technology they are fitted with, making them not always accessible. 

If you are debating whether to rent or buy a van, it is more than likely you don’t already have one, therefore one of the reasons we would suggest hiring a van is, you don’t know which type of van will work best for you. Hiring a van will give you the chance to work out what van you need and also whether your budget will stretch to cover the particular make and model you are interested in. 

Budget, like any within a business, is the deciding factor, if you don’t have the finances to secure buying a refrigerated van, hiring one provides a cheaper option. During this time you may find you are able to save some money for buying in the future. But you do need to be sensible when you decide the budget you have to spend. 

How Long Will You Need A Van?

Not all businesses who would use a refrigerated van would use it every single day, bakeries and caterers may only need a van for when they are needed at a function, which might not be often enough to need to buy a van. The flexibility that hiring a van gives you is sometimes one of the best advantages to choosing this route rather than buying. With multiple hiring options such as day hire, monthly or yearly it is the perfect option for one-off needs. 

Another reason the length of time you need it for is an important factor to consider is that, if you only need a refrigerated van during the summer then why buy one and spend the money when you can save it and hire one when you need it? Or maybe you are a florist for example that only delivers flowers on a specific day of the week, hiring would again work out more financially beneficial. 

One thing to remember is that when you are hiring a refrigerated van, it will be a set cost, for the length of time you choose to hire it. Once you have found the length of time you need it, you can budget for this expense every month and in turn, it will become part of your monthly expenses that you can prepare for in advance. This works perfectly for small businesses or companies that don’t need a refrigerated van daily. 

Keep in mind though that this system doesn’t work for everyone, you need to do the sums and work out whether it will be more beneficial to hire or buy over the length of time you plan to hire the van for. For example, two days a week for 5 years might work out more expensive than making the investment. It all depends on the length of time you need the van for, this really does need to be considered in the calculations, it will make all the difference. 

What Van Do You Need?

When it comes to knowing which type of refrigerated van you need, it is perfectly okay to not know the answer. If you have never had one before in your business, how are you supposed to know which van will work for you? There is a vast range of sizes and types of refrigerated vans available today, so when you decide to buy one, how will you know which one to choose? 

Having the option to hire vans makes the decision easier, if you have the finances to do so, we would recommend hiring a few different ones to establish which one will work for you. This will be better for you than buying a van and realising it doesn’t suit your specific needs. It goes without saying that our professional team here at BHRV would be able to help you, but sometimes it is better to get a feel for the van in person and also in business practice. 

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Why Buy A Van?

If you are confident that your business is in the position to need a refrigerated van and you have the money to purchase one, then you should go ahead and choose the van that works for you, that is the only decision you need to make. With plenty of options on the market, we recommend getting in touch with our team here at BHRV if you have any questions about which van might work best for you. 

When you buy a new van you will be choosing high quality that you can be confident will possess the best technology and you can choose the exact van that will work for you. But you should always consider a new used van as well, these are cheaper options with the same quality. Either way, when you buy a refrigerated van you can be happy knowing the van is owned by you and your business. The only downside to this is, if anything goes wrong with the van, it is on you to get fixed and repaired, which can become costly depending on the issue. 

Why Hire A Van?

When people think of hiring vehicles, they automatically assume that it will be a short term solution to a long term problem. That simply isn’t the case, here at BHRV we have worked with customers who have hired vans for years, this is because it is the right decision for them and their company. 

There are a handful of reasons why hiring a refrigerated van takes precedence over buying, these are; 


  • Flexible contracts 
  • Small, medium and large vans are available, you will find something for you
  • Different temperature vans available, fridges and freezers
  • All vans are up to date and fully insured 
  • Breakdown cover 
  • Refrigerated van engineers on call should anything go wrong


All of the above things you do not get when you buy a refrigerated van can be difficult to make a decision when it comes to buying or hiring, but we hope we have given you a little bit to think about. 

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Contact BHRV today 

Buying or hiring a refrigerated van completely depends on the financial status of your company and also how often you need to use a van, these are the most important factors to consider when you start thinking about refrigerated vans. We hope we have given you a few things to consider and have also put your mind at ease regarding hiring a van, it is easier than you think. If you have any other questions or queries, please get in touch with our team today. We are more than happy to help you. 

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