Transporting Food Safely in Fridge Vans and Vehicles

Transporting Food Safely in Fridge Vans and Vehicles

There’s a lot of legislation, rules and regulations involved when it comes to transporting food in and around the UK. So any business that is involved in this sector needs to be strict and adhere to all regulations. Should you be thinking about starting up a business as a supplier of perishable food, such as meals, meats, fish, poultry and frozen products, the safety of these products is a lot to consider and think about.

Here at BHRV we are experts when it comes to providing refrigerated vans for the food and drinks industry, our professional team knows everything that is needed to know about both the safety and efficiency of food transportation. We will help you to choose the best fridge van for your needs.

Times and Temperatures

Should you be moving food over a short distance across the UK, or you’re travelling further to Europe, you’ll need to consider how long certain goods will be in your vehicle for.

  • The van will need to be cleaned and made sure it is safe before you use it for deliveries.
  • Businesses will also need to make sure that there is no cross-contamination when it comes to different foods and that the food is kept at the correct temperature.
  • Raw food should be kept away from cooked food and the containers that they are packed in, will need to be kept at the right temperature.
  • When it comes to chilled food, the maximum temperature is 8℃, 5℃ is also recommended.
  • For frozen food, -12℃ is an acceptable, however good practice generally means keeping a temperature of -18℃.

The Challenges of Transporting Food

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of small food establishments that are supplying markets and customers. A major challenge of this includes online businesses struggling with deliveries to local markets. They will need their own delivery vans or will need to hire logistics companies to transport their food goods. By hiring a fridge van company, this can cause issues such as multiple handling of food.

For those highly perishable goods like seafood and fish, they will present a bigger challenge, whereas maintaining the right temperature during delivery can be even more critical as usual. It’s essential that you work with the correct partners when it comes to organising your food delivery structure, this includes where you buy and hire your vans from.

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The Right Fridge or Freezer Van

Should you be a small business or a large organisation, when it comes to maintaining your fleet of fridge and freezer vans, this will be one of the most important areas to consider. When it comes to finding the right transport, it can be challenging to find freezer vans for hire, as some providers may not specialise in this area at all.

Here at BHRV we are experts when it comes to providing freezer and refrigerated vans and vehicles for food and catering. We have years of experience and can provide you with all of the help, support and advice that you need to ensure that you choose the right refrigerated truck or freezer van for your food and catering needs. A refrigerated van is a big investment and we can help you to choose the right one, check out our refrigerated van buying guide.

At BHRV we aim to provide the best service for all of our customers and clients, from fridge vans for business including food and catering, florists and the pharmaceutical sector, to freezer vehicles and fridge van conversions. Make sure that you call our team today.

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