When to replace your fridge van?

When to replace your fridge van?

When it comes to buying a new vehicle or van, it can be a hard decision, it’s not unusual for business owners to wait until their current van starts to fail and breakdown before considering buying a new one. A refrigerated van will be an asset to your business, from pharmaceuticals to food deliveries and florists, whatever industry you’re in and with this in mind it’s a much better idea to plan in advance, so you know that you’ll always be covered, no need to worry about unexpected breakdowns.

The time of year does come into play when buying a new refrigerated van, fridge vans tend to sell for more during the warmer summer months, when businesses need access due to the higher temperatures. For that reason we think that it’s best to start looking as early as possible, make sure you get the best deal.

Refrigerated vans are just like any other product, once a brand or manufacturer has released a new product, it won’t be unusual for the previous fridge vans model to reduce in price. If the latest features of a fridge van aren’t something that you’re interested in, then you can save money by considering older models.

Why upgrade your fridge van?

Should you have a fridge van and it seems to be working perfectly, it can be hard to justify buying a brand new one. Here we take a look at the reasons why you should upgrade your refrigerator van and invest in a brand new fridge vehicle.

Vehicles that are fuel-efficient when you first purchase them, may not be fuel efficient in a few years time. New vans will always have a better fuel efficiency than older models, so if you will spend the money on a new van, it could mean a reduction in your van expenses. The ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ in London means that it has become expensive for refrigerated vans and fridge vans companies to travel across the capital. It has resulted in business owners opting to upgrade their chiller vans to brand new, more efficient vehicles, helping them to save on charges when travelling across London.

When considering replacing your fridge van, the time of year and the reason why you are upgrading the vehicle will all have an impact on the amount of money that you spend. We advise that you think careful about your current fridge vans, as well as the refrigeration units and when the best time to sell and replace them will be. If you aren’t rushing, then we recommend that you wait for the most opportune time, should you need any assistance, feel free to contact the experts at BHRV today.

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