Why Choose Fridge Vans

Should you be unsure of a fridge van or a refrigerated vehicle, our dedicated team of fridge
vehicles and refrigerated van specialists provide a range of high quality vans from renowned
manufacturers. Fridge and refrigerated vans are our expert area and we aim to provide a range
of options, from fridge vans for sale to refrigerated vehicles, make sure you choose the team at
BHRV. Here we take a look at why you should invest in a new fridge van.

What types of fridge vans and refrigerated vans are available?

Insulation Only Vans

Insulation only vans come with and are lined with insulation, this type of insulation will carry and
can either be styrofoam or polystyrene, insulated vans aren’t used for food they tend to be used
for non-edible vans that need refrigerating.

Chiller Conversion Van

Chiller vans are insulated with 50-millimetre layers of insulating material and will also have a
chilled refrigerator, these vans tend to be used for those items that will need refrigerating but not

Semi Freezer Conversion Vans

Semi freezers have 75-millimetres of insulation and a refrigerator system with a defrost, this will
allow you to keep food as low as -10 to -15 degrees centigrade.

Full Freezer Conversion Vans

Full freezer vans have 75 millimetre layers of insulation and reinforced doors, refrigeration
systems are either reverse-cycle or hot-gas defrost. You can keep your products at -20 degrees
centigrade with these existing features.

Temperatures and Transporting

Refrigerated vehicles and vans are essential for transportation, logistics and businesses that will
need a temperature controlled environment. The role that refrigerated vans and vehicles have in
businesses, will be detrimental, depending on what type of product or service that they are
providing. At BHRV we offer brilliant advice and aim to ensure that we provide you with a
refrigeration van that meets all of your needs and requirements,

Fridge Vans for Sale from BHRV

Should you be looking for refrigerated vans for sale, the team at BHRV have got you covered.
We offer a full range of fridge vans and vehicle services, whatever your requirements, we have
got you covered. Our vans and vehicles also undergo chiller, freezer and bespoke conversions and fridge van conversion kits,
which are provided in our workshops by trained technicians and specialists.
At BHRV when it comes to fridge vans and vehicles, we will meet your every need, it’s our
priority to ensure that our customers receive a van or vehicle that is of the highest standards.
Whatever you need from your refrigerated van or vehicle, we can assist, should you require
advice or guidance on the type of fridge vehicle you sho’uld purchase, or if you need more
information about our fridge and freezer van conversions again, we can help.
Simply get in touch with BHRV’s team today, we are always available to take your call.