Why Do You Need A Refrigerated Van For Your Event?

Why Do You Need A Refrigerated Van For Your Event?

You may not have considered how important a refrigerated van is to serve your guests if you plan an event properly. A refrigerated van can keep food fresh for hours and will also help ensure that the food is at the proper temperature before it reaches your guest’s plate. You have many options when it comes to refrigerated vans from new and used to hire. Moderns refrigerated vans are very reliable when maintained correctly. There are many reasons why having a refrigerated van on hand for your next event could be beneficial, including:
-Keeping foods cold until service time
-Saving energy by using less electricity in an air-conditioned room
-Being able to offer more variety of menu items without worrying about running out or having any spoilage
-Be more environmentally friendly due to lower carbon footprint

What is a refrigerated van?

A refrigerated van in its simplest form is a standard commercial van with a refrigerator rear cab. This refrigerated section is fully insulated to ensure as much efficiency as possible, while the van’s engine generally supplies power. The actual cooling components do not differ that much from your fridge at home. All be it on a much larger scale and with far more durable components. This durability is vital as movement is part of its function; the refrigerator components must not break during transit. Refrigeration vans can have many uses, including medical use and frozen food transport. We will go into more detail regarding their benefits below.

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What are they used for

The uses of refrigerated vans are vast, and we will not cover all use cases in this article. As mentioned above, some of their most important use cases are transporting medical suppliers or frozen foods. Their possible uses, however, can go much further. A refrigerated van can be handy during significant events such as concerts and fairs and weddings, and other occasions. Below we will outline some of the possible use cases for these events.

Can you use one for your event?

Regardless of what event you are planning, a refrigerated van could be handy. From the transport of chilled or frozen goods to the additional shortage they can provide. If you wonder if your event could benefit from using a refrigerated van, why not contact BHRV today? Our expert team will be more than happy to advise how a refrigerated van could simplify the logistics of your event.

Refrigerated Vans for Concerts

Traditional venues can host concerts; however, many others are planned in parks and green places. In these cases, it can be challenging to offer fresh products over a few days or a week without holding your site stock. Thanks to the added capacity you get from a refrigerated van, you will have far more stores on-site and ensure they are at the best temperature. Another important consideration is that using a refrigerated van can also provide you with more stock than you need each day. Meaning you are far less likely to run out of popular products on a given day.

Refrigerated Vans for Wedding

Whether you are planning your wedding or a venue planning a huge wedding, a refrigerated van can streamline your logistics. If you invite many guests or want many products available at your wedding, the location can run out of refrigeration space. Using a refrigerated van provides the additional storage space you may need in the most straightforward package possible. The use of a refrigerated van also gives you the option to purchase your items if your venue allows this.

Refrigerated Vans for Fairs

Similarly to concerts, fairs can benefit from the inclusion of a refrigerated van. Offering fresh products over a few days or a week can be complicated without holding your site stock. Thanks to the added capacity you get from a refrigerated van, you will have far more stock on-site and ensure they are at the best temperature. Additionally, thanks to sophisticated locks and vehicle monitoring systems, you can rest assured that your inventory will remain safe overnight even if the venue does not have security.

Refrigerated Vans for Charity Events

Charity events can come in all shapes and sizes, including fairs and concerts we have already mentioned in this article. If you plan a charity event, using a refrigerated van can significantly increase how professional your event will seem to your guests. Whether you are using the refrigerated van to store drinks, meals, cakes or all of these at once, they can be a great addition to your event.

Thing to consider

When planning your event, think ahead and consider whether you have anything that could benefit from mobile cold storage? You may be surprised by how helpful a refrigerated van can be.

If you plan to serve food at your event, there is a high probability of needing refrigeration. Most people in the catering industry go with an ice chest or refrigerator truck because they can offer more storage space for beverages and other items than just one large cooler. That said, it’s essential not to forget about all of the benefits that come along with having a refrigerated van for your event. As more and more events are given the green light after covid-19. The most obvious benefit comes from how much easier it is to transport everything when using this type of vehicle versus an ice chest that needs additional human resources to load up on-site before departure. Plus, when compared side-by-side against alternative options such as renting out multiple trucks or hiring extra help, a refrigerated van can significantly reduce staff costs. If you have any questions or are interested in a refrigerated van, Contact our friendly team here at BHRV

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