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We work closely with First Business Finance who we believe will help to find you the best deal on finance for your desired vehicle. We are partnered with First Business Finance purely because of the brilliant service our customers get from Aston and the vast array of funders the company has to hand, offering the best finance solutions on the market. Aston is quick to respond to any request that either BHRV or our customers have and works on a more personal level than the other finance providers we have used in the past. He often meets with our customers in person to make the paperwork process easier and I am confident they are in safe hands from start to finish.

First Business Finance understands that with vehicle finance, every business is different. It’s this fact that allows them to work with our customers to understand the individual needs of each proposal to deliver a solution that fits. Whether you want them to finance one vehicle or many, they will always offer you the same high level of service.

Their most common types of finance agreements

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Hire Purchase
We deliver solutions that fit!

This is our most common form of finance package – whereby all the VAT is to be paid upfront along with any other deposit the customer would like to put down if any. The balance is then spread over the finance term.

Each monthly payment is fixed from the start and at the end of the agreement you own the vehicle outright. This funding option is typically taken over a term of 2 to 5 years. Balloon options are also available to lower the monthly payments.

Businesses can claim 100% of interest offset against taxable profits and claim down yearly write off allowances against the vehicle. This is well as claiming back all the VAT deposit.

We are able to help with anything from cars and vans, buses and coaches to haulage. Whether you want us to finance one vehicle or many, we will always offer you the same high level of service.


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Finance Lease
Finance your next fridge van with us

The lease option is very similar to the hire purchase agreements, with only two differences;

  • The VAT does not need to be paid upfront, so very minimal deposits need to be put down.
  • At the end of the contract a title transfer payment must be made (typically charged at the fixed monthly rental)

This is more flexible and can be very VAT / Tax-efficient, as all lease costs can be offset against pre-tax profits, thus saving circa 20% per year. The only difference is that the VAT is spread across the term, rather than paid upfront, thereby aiding cash flow. Terms again are typically taken over a term of 2 to 5 years. Balloon options are also available to lower the monthly payments.

First Business Finance

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Finance with First Business Finance

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If the recession has taught UK businesses anything, it is that they can’t, or indeed shouldn’t, rely purely on their bank for funding.

First Business Finance (UK) Ltd offers an alternative by opening up finance channels via its wide variety of funding partners.

More about our company

  • Experience

    Our team has worked closely together for over a decade and has more than 50 years of combined experience in all areas of asset and technology finance.

  • Industry experts

    We offer a dynamic and knowledgeable approach that transcends a wide variety of market sectors.

  • Choice

    A product range that includes everything from finance lease to an operating lease, lease purchase to sale and leaseback.

  • Relationships

    Expertise built upon close relationships with customer, equipment suppliers and leading funding sources.

Review from Omar at Quality Bites

Quality Bites

Omar Ali – Director

“Top job from Aston! He found me a deal for my New Refrigerated Freezer Vans that was both competitive and has a low initial deposit, so it didn’t affect my cash flow.”

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