We don’t just sell Refrigerated Vans, we also build them

At BHRV we are in partnership with sister company RVC providing high-quality fridge van conversions that are constantly being updated to provide the best finish possible. From a standard build to any weird and wonderful designs, customer specifications can always be met to achieve a conversion that will suit your business. We can convert virtually any panel van into either a chiller or freezer spec refrigerated van depending on what product you carry, all factors will be taken into consideration before your new conversion begins. As well as building the conversions ourselves we also fit the refrigeration, meaning leads times are reduced thanks to our in-house engineer. Our preferred refrigeration manufacturer Is GAH Transport Refrigeration converter who have over 25 years’ experience of working closely with customers, from supermarkets home delivery vehicles, transporting fresh or frozen food or pharmaceuticals. GAH Refrigeration have the best solution to meet every transport refrigeration requirement and service including being temperature controlled. All new GAH Refrigeration come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We care about providing you with the best conversion possible and meeting all your needs, as well as offering value for money.

Industries that we work with

Ice Cream

Ice Cream - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist


Pharmaceutical - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist


Wholesale - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist


Greengrocers - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist


Caterers - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist


Butchers - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist


Fishmonger - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist

Hog Roasts

Hot Roast - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist


Restaurants - BHRV Refrigerated Vehicle Specialist

Take a look at some of our High Quality Conversions

Fridge Van Conversions

We offer refrigerated vans conversions to a number of customers and clients, from new vehicle productions that are ready for conversion, to replacement fridge vans or already converted vehicles. You can depend on BHRV when it comes time to find the right type of refrigerator service you need in your business because we work with commercial refrigeration experts who will be able match up what you require!

If you are in need of refrigerated van conversions, you’ve come to the right place at BHRV, we are a leading freezer van and fridge vans conversions specialists and we stock and supply a range of fridge vans and vehicles that are ready to be converted, as well as being experts in fridge van conversion kits. We are known for the high quality new and used fridge van conversions that we supply. At BHRV, we are dependable and you can trust that you’ll get a durable vehicle or van conversion that suits all of your needs and requirements. So when you’re looking to buy a fridge van conversion, make sure you contact BHRV, we are the team to call on.

Refrigerated Van Conversions UK

At BHRV, we are in partnership with sister company RVC. We provide high-quality workmanship on our conversions and ensure that they will look great and work for you! Whether it’s a standard conversion or something special – no matter what your specifications may be, our team can do the job to make sure everything is done right. You might think converting vans isn’t an easy task but rest assured: at BHRV we’re experts when it comes to all things vehicles! Give your customers the best conversions at BHRV. We can convert any van into a chiller or freezer, fridge van, depending on what product you carry. All factors will be taken into consideration before conversion starts to ensure we meet customer specifications and provide top notch service, this includes temperature, insulation as well as the type of trade it will be used for.

GAH Transport Refrigeration is our preferred refrigeration manufacturer for you, with over 25 years of experience in working closely with customers. From supermarkets to home delivery vehicles or transporters that transport fresh and frozen products,  GAH has a solution for your every need! All new units come equipped with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturers themselves so customer service will be taken care of before it’s even needed. We want nothing more than to provide our clients’ needs above all else; which means quality products as well as quality installation services available through their network partners nationwide.

Van Refrigeration Conversion Company – BHRV

With a team of experts who can provide both dependable and thorough service, BHRV is your number one choice for refrigeration van conversion services. Our leading company offers more than just replacement conversions; we offer brand new fridge van or vehicle too! With our friendly staff and expert advice at hand you won’t be disappointed with the outcome: an excellent job that exceeds expectations every single time. We know that you’re in the market for a high-quality, reliable refrigeration van. That’s why we have an experienced team who are happy to provide assistance and guidance when it comes to vehicle conversions – with many years of experience! Get in touch today if any help is needed; either email or phone our friendly staff.

Refrigerated Vans Conversion Cost

This will all depend on how you want your van to be converted. The type of refrigerated van that you are converting, the brand and model size can affect the price of conversion for a new refrigerator truck or fridge vehicle, as well as the trade or business that the van is required for. We offer high quality conversions with our range at BHRV so it is important to know what kind of vans we convert when looking into getting one done here! This includes second hand as well as stock used vehicles which are in great condition after being modified from factory standard models by us specialists! We can offer a selection of freezer van and vehicle conversions that will cover required temperature, insulation, as well as any compartment requirements and interior needs. For more information on the range of van and fridge vehicle conversions that we provide, simply get in touch with our team today. We can always be on hand to help.

Why Choose BHRV for Refrigerated Van Conversions?

BHRV is a family owned and operated refrigerated van conversion company. The BHRV team has over 60 years of expertise in the industry, with an established 20-year track record for providing top quality fridge conversions on time at competitive prices. We offer a range of new or preowned conversions that are designed to meet your specific needs while still meeting our strict standards for dependability and reliability!

For Refrigerated Van Conversions, BHRV have got you covered

If you’re looking to cool down, we have the perfect solution for you! Get in touch today if you need any advice about refrigerated conversions on vans or vehicles; our professionals are happy to help. You can also check out what’s available at BHRV, we offer a range of refrigerated vehicle and van conversions, it’s also worth knowing that we are specialists in refrigerated vans and vehicles and with this in mind we stock a range of products that are available on our website, so should you have any questions or queries, simply call our professional team today, they will be more than happy to assist.

Customise your Vehicle with our wide range of Accessories

  • Pallet Protection
  • Wheel Box protection
  • Threshold protection
  • Evaporator protection
  • Non-slip floor
  • Dual Compartment
  • Movable Bulkhead (with or without fan)
  • Load lock
  • Temperature Recorder
  • Drain Holes
  • Curtains
  • Modular Rear Doors
  • Modular Side door

Refurbishment options

  • Top-Coat Repair
  • Top-Coat and GRP Lining Repair
  • Door panel repair
  • Full conversion repair.

We can also Refurbish your current Fridge Van!

If its not a fresh new van and conversion you are looking for then we can refurbish and revitalise your current vehicle, bringing an old build back to life ranging from a surface level freshen up or a deeper fix, or maybe a refrigeration unit. Furthermore, after a refurb has been completed accessories can also be added to extend the conversions life. For more information on our fridge and freezer van conversions, click here.

For any further information on Conversions or Refurbishments, contact our Sales Team!

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