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Choosing A Refrigerated Van
Do you need a new fridge van, maybe for your business? Are you unsure of exactly what to go for? Don’t worry, at BHRV we have put together everything you need to know when it comes to choosing a refrigerated van. At BHRV we are experts when it comes to…
Tuesday 1st June 2021
Fridge and Freezer Van Conversions Explained
When it comes to refrigerated van and vehicle conversions, they are vehicles that have been converted into fridge and freezer vans, making them suitable and capable of transporting different goods and products that need specific temperatures. This could be pharmaceutical products and equipment, to a range of catering and food…
Tuesday 1st June 2021
Refrigeration Units for Fridge Vans and Vehicles
When it comes to refrigeration units, they are available for a number of industry sectors and all come with different specifications. Should you be interested in purchasing a new refrigerated van, first you will need to consider your main requirements for the refrigerated vehicle, such as, the temperature of the…
Tuesday 1st June 2021
The Refrigerated Van Buying Guide
When it comes to purchasing a new refrigerated van, we understand that it’s not always an easy decision when choosing which one to purchase. With this in mind, at BHRV, as fridge van experts, we are going to go through everything you need to know when purchasing your brand new…
Tuesday 1st June 2021
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