What To Consider When Investing in a New Fridge Van

What To Consider When Investing in a New Fridge Van

Should you be considering buying a new fridge van, this isn’t always straightforward, there is so much to consider, especially when a refrigerated van is going to be a big investment. There’s no need to worry though, at BHRV our team can be on hand to assist and help you with any questions or queries that you may have regarding purchasing a brand new refrigerated van.

As experts in refrigerated trucks and vans, we understand that choosing a new fridge vehicle for your business is going to be an important investment. Choosing the right freezer van for your needs will increase your business’s efficiency as well as helping to keep your items safe and secure.

Before you invest in a new van, we recommend considering your needs and requirements including what you need the van for as well as the best freezer or fridge unit.

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Choosing the right van

When it comes to buying a new refrigerated van, it’s not always as easy as it may seem, there are so many options out there, this includes different freezer and fridge van options that cover a range of specifications. You need to choose the right van for your requirements and make sure that it’s the right investment.

Buying the right van will provide you with more sales, it will also expand your reach and your customer base. In order to make the most out of your fridge van, we recommend that you think about the van and its lifespan over time. Your freezer van is an investment so you’ll want to be in it for as long as possible, making sure that you get the most out of it.


The temperature of your refrigerated vehicle is the temperature, different vans will provide and maintain different temperatures. All of this will depend on your cargo and what you need when it comes to the temperature for its contents. The majority of refrigerated vans will have temperature controls, however, you’ll want to ensure that they offer the right variation for your needs.

Food and catering – should you be carrying food or catering productions, it may be worth considering different compartments in the van. One to maintain your products at the right temperature and another section to chill them. If products haven’t been chilled correctly, then you could be putting yourself and your team at risk of breaching health and safety conditions when it comes to your products.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare – it’s important that when transporting medicines and medical equipment or samples that they are kept at a constantly cool temperature. If they aren’t then, like food produced, they can be deemed unsafe and harmful to those who consume them.

Sampling – when it comes to sample products being transported, strict protocols and precautions will need to be followed. Samples need to be kept at regular temperatures and must also stay in the same condition that they have been loaded in. For these types of items, dual refrigeration is necessary.

Flowers and florals – if you’re transporting flowers, you will need to maintain a chilled temperature, this will usually be between 5 and 7 degrees centigrade, it’s also important to make sure that your products stay in tip-top condition. Should the temperature be lower or higher, it could have a detrimental effect on your flowers.

What are you transporting?

Temperature is very important but so are the goods that you’re moving, along with the temperature of the van, the type of goods that you’re transporting will also be paramount. They will be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing which van or vehicle is going to be suitable for your needs and requirements. There are so many different refrigeration vehicles to consider, so you must weigh this up.

The type of products you are moving is also going to have a big impact on the sort of van you decide to purchase, as well as its size. There are a number of refrigerated vans available, from insulation only to vehicles that have been designed to maintain a cooler temperature and stop overheating.

Chiller vans, semi-freezer vans and full freezer vehicles that deliver a range of temperatures, all depending on your requirements.

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How big do you need to load the van to be? How heavy are your products going to be? Do you need to hang items? Should you be transporting meat, you may need to hang this, so you will need a bigger chiller van. This is super important and will have a big impact on the van you choose to invest in.

If you are looking to increase space, then you should make sure that your items can be loaded on and off safely and securely. Loads are important because the last thing that you will want is your goods becoming damaged from the vehicle’s poor design or misjudgment. When it comes to understanding the right load that you will need for your van, you will also need to consider keeping passengers safe.


When deciding on the right fridge van for your business, you will need to know exactly what you require, should you be fully prepared with all of the right information, you won’t need to worry about being upsold on features that you don’t necessarily need. You’ll also be focused on exactly what your business needs to run efficiently and effectively.

Extra features

Lots of refrigerated vans include customisable features, so should you need the doors changing or you require extra storage space at the front of the van or vehicle, there are so many options to consider. If you buy a larger van then you may want to think about slip-resistant flooring. You may also need to think about shelving or compartments for different products and keeping things organised, you will need to maximise that space that you have the best way possible.

International rules and regulations

Before moving your products to another country, you will need to see which regulations should be followed. If you’re within the EU and you’re travelling to the UK, the regulations will be different than those for travelling to the EU. It’s also important that you consider the requirements you need to meet before you go to your destination. All of this will save valuable time and money and you’ll also be guaranteed a successful and efficient journey.

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Now you know and understand that to consider when it comes to investing in a new fridge van, maybe you are starting a brand new business or you need a replacement fridge vehicle, you can start the purchasing process. At BHRV we are home to a team of refrigerated vehicle experts, with this in mind, we can be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. Simply get in touch today!

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