How to Maintain Your Refrigerated Van

How to Maintain Your Refrigerated Van

Do you have a refrigerated van for your business? If so, you must maintain the inside of this vehicle to keep it running smoothly. You will need to clean up spills and remove any food particles left behind. It’s also recommended that you vacuum out any dust bunnies or pet hair on the floor mats. And don’t forget about all those hard-to-reach places! That includes the vents, shelves, and spaces between seats with a vacuum cleaner attachment if necessary. Ultimately, maintaining your refrigerated van with these simple steps every month or two (depending on usage) will help increase efficiency in transporting goods and keep everyone safe from potential dangers like bacteria or mould/mildew growth. You have many options when it comes to refrigerated vans from new and used to hire. Moderns refrigerated vans are very reliable when maintained correctly.

Consider your uses case

Whether you already own a refrigerated van or are in the process of purchasing one, it is essential to consider how you will maintain your vehicle. Consider how your use case can affect how much maintenance you will need to perform you can use refrigerated vans for events. For example, if your use case will mean your refrigerated van will be running continuously for an extended period, you must understand that additional maintenance will be required.

Schedule regular expert inspections

When it comes to your refrigeration system, it is best to schedule regular inspections by an expert. When it comes to refrigeration systems, that can be far more complex than an engine or other equipment. An expert is best placed to ensure you full functionality from your refrigerated van.

General Maintenance

In addition to arranging regular maintenance for the refrigeration system, it is essential to set regular maintenance for your vehicle’s engine. Like a typical van, it is necessary to keep up regular maintenance for the best longevity of your car. Below we will outline the most critical areas to consider when planning the care of your vehicle.


A with any vehicle, yearly MOTs are essential to ensure the reliability of your van. An MOT consists of check several critical components of your car to ensure there are fit for purpose. Arranging your MOT and ensuring it passes can be inconvenient and frustrating; however, your vehicle suddenly breaking down would be even more so. Many companies also offer an MOT like service for your refrigeration system. This can be a great way to ensure your vehicle continues to be reliable and functional for many years.


Just like your MOT, service history can have a massive impact on your vans reliability. For this reason, you must ensure that any potential van has complete service history, both for its engine and the refrigeration system. You should also consider that your van will go for some time unused. This may be a requirement of your use of the vehicle, and if so, you should arrange a full service just before and just after the van enters a period of little use.

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Regular clean-outs

Regardless of the use case you have in mind, you must ensure that you arrange regular cleaning of your vehicle’s interior. This is particularly important if your car is used for the transport of food and drink. However, cleaning is the only way to ensure no mould or mildew, even if used for other purposes. If your van is used in multiple ways, you should also arrange cleaning between use cases to avoid cross-contamination.

Bodywork inspections

As well as general maintenance and cleaning the interior, you should pay attention to the exterior of your vehicle. This can be seen as trivial compared to other topics we have discussed in the article. However, the appearance of your refrigerated van can significantly impact the perceived professionalism of your company. From regular cleaning to complete bodywork inspections, you should not overlook the effect this can have.

Plan Ahead

When using your refrigerated van, it is essential to plan to ensure as little downtime as possible is dedicated to performing maintenance. This could be as simple as booking your MOT and servicing well in advance to performing any recommended work before components fail or must be changed by law. As with many aspects of running a business, planning and perforation are critical. This is the same mindset need when maintaining your refrigerated van.

Best practise

The best way to maintain your refrigerated van is to build a relationship with an experienced and trust worth garage or mechanic. Doing this can ensure you are given a fair price and are not fooled into arranging work that is not needed. Additionally, if you have a good working relationship with your mechanic, there are more likely to work with you to set the maintenance work at a convenient time.

Important things to consider.

We have covered many things; however, these are the essential takeaways to bear in mind. Arrange your maintenance in advance with a mechanic you trust. Perform frequent cleaning of the interior and exterior of your refrigerated van to ensure a reputation for cleanliness and professionalism. By following these points, you can be sure you will have many years of reliable use from your refrigerated van.

Maintaining your refrigerated van is a whole lot easier than you might think. Check out our blog post for more information on the best practices to keep in mind when it comes to driving and maintaining your truck. We’ve also included some of our most popular products that will help with any issues that may arise over time, like leak detection services or remotes with alerts! The use of refrigerated vans has changed dramatically over the course of the pandemic. If you have any questions or are interested in a refrigerated van, Contact our friendly team here at BHRV.

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