How Do Freezer Vans Work

When it comes to converting freezer fans, usually a thick insulation lining kit will be used, a
freezer van will have two elements, a mechanical cooling part and insulation part. The function
of the mechanical cooling system is to remove heat that has started inside the chamber of the
van, this will prevent external heat from coming in. Mechanisms including compressors,
evaporators and condensers can’t function without insulation.

Thermal insulation is a big element of using freezer vans, this is because they help to reduce
heat transfer, there are a number of cheaper insulation materials that are available on the
market today and its important that the right type of material is used as this will be detrimental to
your business.

At BHRV we make sure that we provide the best quality freezer and fridge vans for sale, the
insulation that we use in our range of temperature controlled vehicles is a lot denser than what
is used in household freezer. The surface of our freezer vans includes thick layers of insulation
that will prevent external heat from getting into the cooling area and compartment.

When the insulation has been fitted, the vehicle will be further padded out and coating, this will
help to ensure that the insulation is strong and that external heat will be prevented from getting
inside the cooling compartment. There are two common types of protective coating, this

Wet lays include liquid polymer and this solidifies as soon as it makes contact with the air, once
dry it will become tight and soft, this layer is also hygienic and washable. Dry lay involves fitting
solid tiles into insulated areas, it is less efficient as it doesn’t fill gaps in as well.
When it comes to using the power that the vehicle will generate, the refrigerated van will use a
drive mechanism that will run the refrigerated compartment. Freezers inside the refrigerated
vans will be accessible and are easy for fridge van users to understand. The refrigerated van
will have a condenser, compressor and evaporator.

Condensers are like radiators, only they attract health and use a coolant liquid to circulate
through it, the liquid will then become gas and will go over to the compressor. The compressor
will compress the gas and this will meet high pressure and be passed on through the
evaporator. The evaporator will maintain low temperatures by forcing the external air through
the pressured gas, this will then turn into a liquid and make its way through the system.

Refrigerated vans and vehicles from BHRV are of the highest standards and will ensure safety,
security and reliability.

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