Refrigerated Vans: Frequently Asked Questions

Refrigerated vans have become popular over the last number of years, giving many industries an ideal way to transport food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and more. Having an option that allows for insulated and temperature control is perfect for being able to transport perishables. With the right van for your product, you can keep products at the correct temperature all day. 

Here at BHRV, we have been in the refrigerated van industry for many years, learning the ins and outs of what it is our customers want. Through this development we can sell you new, used and van conversions, meaning we have something for everyone. To find out more read through our frequently asked questions below, or give us a call. Our team is always more than happy to talk to you and discuss your specific needs and requirements. 

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Refrigerated van?

A refrigerated van is exactly what it sounds like, a van with a refrigeration unit installed. Almost like a home refrigerator on a grander scale. Giving people the chance to store and deliver perishable goods at the ideal temperatures. In 2019 it was estimated 4,000,0000 refrigerated vans were on the roads, offering a vast number of businesses the perfect temperature-controlled delivery van. 

More often than not they are designed using a mechanical refrigeration system that runs off a separate power source than the engine, meaning you can have the refrigerator running and working even when the engine is turned off. 

How Does The Van Work?

A refrigerated van is basically a household fridge, just compacted into a van. These specific vans don’t turn cold, but they do remove heat, keeping your products cold. They are designed to withdraw any possibility of heat from the compartment the products are being stored in, in turn lowering the temperature where a self-controlled atmosphere is created. Refrigerated vans do not “blow out cold air” to keep the van cold, it is simply a case of without hot or warm air, cold air is left. 

This is why you will find every refrigerated van is fitted with a condenser, this works to turn hot gas into a liquid which then dissipates into the atmosphere, all whilst the leftover liquid moves to the evaporator. You can find more about how the vans work right here.

What Temperature Does It Reach?

Most modern refrigerated vans on the market today have a temperature range of 0 degrees through to 8 degrees. This is generally a perfect temperature for the customers who purchase the vans. Whether you are selling refrigerated food or flowers, this temperature range is perfect. 

You can also get freezer vans that offer temperatures around -18 degrees. Perfect for anyone who needs to transport frozen goods. Both options can work for a number of industries and are used for more than just transporting food products. 

What Types Of Vans Can You Get?

Over the years the refrigerated van market has grown and developed to suit different companies needs, because of this you can get a handful of different refrigerated vans. There are four different types of refrigerated vans on the market today and they are as follows; 

  • Insulation
  • Chiller conversion vans 
  • Semi-freezer conversion vans 
  • Full-freezer conversion vans 

If you would like to know more about the types of refrigerated vans you can get, you can read more in-depth information about them right here. Our aim is to try and help as many people understand the vans as possible and the different types available on the market today.

How Thick Is The Insulation?

Along with the answer to the previous FAQ, due to the different range of refrigerated vans on the market today, they also come with a range of different insulation thicknesses. The most common when it comes to refrigerated vans is 50mm of insulation. There is also a range of refrigerated vans that are designed for maintaining the coldest temperatures, these vans have insulation of up to 100mm thick. 

Refrigerated van insulation is made using high-density polymer foam, one of the most effective insulation materials available. 

How Do I Look After My New Van?

The best way to look after your refrigerated van is in the same way you would look after your car. Sending it for regular MOT inspections and services. Along with getting it tuned up, deep cleaned and having the components serviced by refrigerated van experts. 

Should I Buy Or Hire?

It can be difficult to decide whether or not to buy a refrigerated van or hire one, this is completely based on your individual needs. Whether it be the needs of your company or business. The main thing to consider is whether or not you will get enough use out of the van to make it worthwhile purchasing one. 

It is an investment, but with any investment, financial input is needed. Not every company can afford to buy a refrigerated van, but if you are considering buying or hiring read another one of our blog posts here that might help you decide. 

Contact BHRV For More Information

If you have any further questions or queries to our frequently asked ones, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. We have offered refrigerated vans for a number of years, developing and honing our understanding, because of this we are confident we will be able to help you. Whether you are looking for a new van, a used van or a refrigerated van conversion. 

Simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to chat with you. Our team love spreading our knowledge and understanding of refrigerated vans.


4 Companies That Use Refrigerated Vans

One of the most common uses for refrigerated vans is to transport food. There are many different companies that use them, including restaurants, butchers, and other food suppliers. The reasons vary from company to company. Some need a way to keep their products cool while they’re on the road or in transit so they don’t spoil before reaching their destination.

Others find it easier than storing the items in a warehouse because it’s more cost-effective and space-efficient. Refrigerated vans can also be used as mobile catering facilities which are convenient for people who have an event on short notice and need food delivered right away! 

Here at BHRV, we have been providing businesses with refrigerated vans for a number of years, during this time we have worked alongside a number of industries. We have put together a list of 4 industries you may not know use refrigerated vans. 

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One of the more obvious companies we have worked with is a fishmonger, whether they are delivering fresh fish locally or to specific restaurants, a refrigerated van is crucial for ensuring the fish gets to their final destination in the best quality possible. Fishmongers are able to utilise a range of different aspects that come in hand with using a refrigerated van, such as the option to plug into the mains to keep the van cold while loading the fish. 

Seafood can spoil quickly when it isn’t kept at the right temperature, so for a fishmonger, a refrigerated van is one of the best investments you can make. It will help you keep your fish fresh and at a good quality, in turn helping you keep a good profit margin coming in and also a reputation for offering fresh fish. 

Green Grocers 

Similarly to fishmongers, greengrocers are also thriving through utilizing the current refrigerated van market. Having learnt how important it is to keep food at the right temperature, greengrocers up and down the country have been using the vans to transport food to restaurants, markets and also to carry out home deliveries. The main reason is to ensure the consumer at the other end receives the highest quality fresh fruit and vegetables possible.  

More and moreover the last few years home deliveries for food have increased, especially during the pandemic, local greengrocers have been able to keep up their reputation for fresh fruit and veg by having the option to deliver using refrigerated vans. Delivering all of their produce at the right temperature can really make that company stand out compared to other local competitors that do not use refrigerated vans.

Local Pharmacy 

When it comes to the food industry, refrigerated transport is expected to ensure the food reaches its final destination in the highest quality possible. But what about other industries? Pharmacies for example. It isn’t as obvious, but the pharmaceutical industry does in fact use refrigerated vans. It is just as important for medical companies to be able to have access to these kinds of vans, this is for the same reason as food, to ensure they are delivered to their final destinations in the best state possible. 

Customers of pharmacies rely on the medications they either pick up or have delivered are stored at the correct temperature to keep them in the right conditions. Pharmacies promptly receive shipments and move the tablets, medications and more directly into a refrigerated van, programmed to be the right temperature. 

Pharmaceutical products must be stored and transported in a specific temperature-controlled van, this not only means they are kept safe during transit, but they are also safe for the user at the other end of the delivery. Sometimes you find small pharmaceutical companies hire refrigerated vans, whilst larger companies will have vans and lorries that they own. 

Art Gallery

Has it ever crossed your mind why art galleries are a little on the cold side? This is because especially expensive and collectable art needs to be kept at a certain temperature. So what happens when this art needs moving? It needs to be loaded into a refrigerated van, this keeps the art in the right conditions for transportation. Fine art especially needs to be looked after every step of the journey, so having a refrigerated van means you can move those priceless paintings without stress and worry. 

One thing to remember about temperature-controlled vans is that they don’t always keep items refrigerated. Depending on the artwork you are moving depends on the temperature your van needs to be. These vans allow for high-end art pieces to be transported to different galleries up and down the country. 

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The refrigerated van industry is a highly competitive market, and it’s an exciting development to see more companies entering this space. You should take advantage of the growing market by contacting BHRV today. Our team has been involved in designing and constructing refrigerated modules for decades, so we have all the expertise you need to get started on your project!

If you want help with any aspect of your business or if you just want some friendly advice about what type of van would be best suited for your needs, get in touch with us today. Our team here at BHRV are always more than happy to talk to you and discuss your specific needs and requirements. All you need to do is give us a call today. We can offer you new vans, used vans and converted vans

Refrigerated Vans: A Buyers Guide

When you’re shopping for a refrigerated van, it’s important to ask yourself some questions. Do you need an extra-long or high roof? What about sleeper seats and stainless steel shelving? How do the warranties stack up against other brands in your area? You’ll have to spend time researching before making any big decisions on your next purchase. Read our blog post for more tips!

Our team here at BHRV have been in the industry of refrigerated vans for many years, offer van conversions, new vans to buy and also used vans. Having grown and expanded our knowledge over the years we have put together this blog with a couple of things you need to consider when buying a refrigerated van. Keep reading to find out more or give one of our team members a call today to ask any questions or queries you might have.

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What Temperature Do You Need?

It goes without saying that one of the first things you need to consider when you are buying a refrigerated van is what temperature you need your van to be. Obviously, you will want to make sure your van matches the temperature your goods need to be at, whether you are transporting food products or flowers, the temperature matters. 

Refrigerated vans have a temperature system that runs between 0 degrees and up to 8 degrees, with freezer vans sitting around -18 degrees. It is incredibly important you know what temperature you need your van to be, this will either protect your products for safe delivery or ruin them. 

You find that stockists such as ourselves sell a range of vans, whether they are conversions, new vans or used vans, but they all work with differing refrigerator strengths. Choosing the right one is incredibly important. Finding the right van will not only help keep your products safe but it will also help with efficiency and the standard your product arrives at its final destination. 

Depending on what it is your offer from your business or the products you are transporting, you may need more than one vehicle. This is the case if you need to distribute a large amount of fresh produce and frozen at the same time, sometimes it is more efficient to get two separate vans. One for the fresh at 3-5 degrees and one sitting at -18 degrees for the frozen items. It is possible to get vans with both fridge and freezer compartments, but being able to use this type of van does depend on the amount of space you need.

Does Your Van Need To Be Bespoke?

One of the main services we offer here at BHRV is refrigerated van conversions, this gives you the option to make your refrigerated van a bespoke build. For us, we always think this option is the best because you truly make the van exactly what you and your company need, but it isn’t always in every company’s budget. 

The following are a few things you should consider when buying a van, whether it is a conversion or a ready-made van.

Slip Resistant Floors

Depending on your company you may need slip-resistant floors in your refrigerated vans, this will help to keep the van free of any moisture build-up and also other hazards when moving products around. For example, if you have flowers that have been in the water, having slip-resistant floors will help keep you and your staff safe.

Standby Enabled

This is one of the more advanced features of refrigerated vans, it gives you the option to plug your van into the mains supply, letting you keep your van cooler for extended periods of time and ensuring your products or produce cold, even when the engine is turned off. Perfect for those companies that need to keep their vans loaded overnight. 

One of the other reasons to consider a standby enabled van is that it gives you the chance to switch the van on before loading, this ensures your van is at the temperature it needs to be before the products are loaded. This is an incredibly useful feature. 

Shelving/ Racks 

One of the most simple additions you can have added to your refrigerated van is shelving or racks, enhancing the quality of your van in a matter of seconds. You are able to optimise the load you are carrying and organise your products in order of delivery or accessibility. There is a wide range of options available on the market today when it comes to shelving and racks, you can choose exactly what you want.

Strip Curtains 

One of the other frequently chosen options when it comes to refrigerated vans is strip curtains, these are vital for keeping your vans temperature stable whilst packing and unpacking your van. Some clients look to have them in their vans, others choose not to and find them frustrating, it is a personal preference. There is pro’s and con’s to choosing strip curtains, we will put a blog on our reasons for and against them soon! 

Contact BHRV Today 

The BHRV team is always happy to help you find the perfect refrigerated van for your needs, whether it’s a one-time purchase or an ongoing fleet. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and we’ll be sure to make our best effort in providing answers tailored specifically to your business so that you get exactly what will work best for you. 

If this sounds like something of interest and if you’re ready for some assistance with purchasing a refrigerated van, don’t hesitate! Give us a call today, we are always more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have and get you a refrigerated van today. We are refrigerated van experts! Get in touch with us today, we would love to help you in any way we can.

Benefits Of Refrigerated Vans

We all know that the summer heat is here and it’s time to start thinking about your business. You might be wondering if you need a refrigerated van or not, so our team here at BHRV are going to answer this question for you by giving you the benefits of purchasing a refrigerated van. 

Refrigerated vans are perfect for businesses that transport perishable goods such as produce, dairy, meat and seafood. These items can only stay fresh for a certain amount of time before they spoil and go bad; refrigeration helps keep these products fresh until they reach their destination. Read our blog below about the benefits of a refrigerated van to help you decide whether it sounds like an investment for you. 

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Not Just For Food Deliveries 

Believe it or not, refrigerated vans are not just for food deliveries and distributors. Considering the nature of the food industry, it is understandable why restaurants, butchers, food suppliers and caterers use refrigerator vans as a main source of transport for their business, but other industries can utilise them as well. For example, other industries such as pharmaceuticals, florists, personal cosmetics and perfumes can also be delivered in cold vans. 

Any industry that relies heavily on temperature-controlled areas means they should be looking into refrigerated vans, keeping products at the correct temperature ensures you prevent spoiling whilst on your journey, cross-contamination or damage and keeps them safe during high temperatures. Keeping food safe during warmer temperatures is just as important as pharmaceuticals, makeup, flowers and more. 

You Have Temperature Controls 

With refrigerated vans you are in full control, you can change the temperature in the back of the van, this works perfectly for companies that need to transport different products and goods. Not everything is kept at the same temperature. One of the most important things to mention here is that with the different range of vehicles on the market today, you need to make sure you know what temperature you need your van to reach. Some need freezing temps and others just fridge temperatures, you need to know this before you purchase. 

With this being said, temperatures in the back of refrigerated vans can be changed by the driver, this means you can transport a wide range of goods in the same vehicle. Meaning your van becomes extremely versatile. 

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Multiple Compartments

Similarly to our previous point about changing temperatures, some of the larger refrigerated vans have multiple compartments. Dual compartments with adjustable temperature gauges for each are available for more advanced models. These vans are perfect for companies that package and deliver products that need to be kept at different temperatures, meaning you can deliver everything at the same time without compromising quality. 

It goes without saying this feature works best for the food industry and caterers who transport different produce that needs different temperature storage. Whether you are looking to deliver frozen and chilled goods at the same time, or chilled goods and cupboard goods, the vans have the ability to offer different compartments and differing temperatures. 


Overnight Settings 

Most refrigerated vans offer an overnight electrical standby setting, this offers a seamless change from on-road use to the vehicle being parked up stationery. This means you can park up your van for the evening and go about your evening plans without worrying about the goods and produce in the back of the van. It will be kept cold overnight without any problems.

Keep your products and goods cold overnight. 

Business Expansion

One of the biggest benefits of refrigerated vans is that they give you the opportunity to grow and develop your business. You can take control of the development of your business when you have a refrigerated van, it gives you the chance to be more involved in every step of the process from your customers ordering through to the goods and products being delivered. By buying one van or a fleet of vans you are expanding your business into new territory every time you add a vehicle, this is the same even if the vans you buy aren’t refrigerated. 

Vans are beneficial to small businesses as it allows you to take your goods on the road, having a larger area coverage you will gain a larger customer base. Door to door services attracts potential customers everywhere you go. Give yourself and your business the chance to grow and develop, buying refrigerated vans will give you this chance. 

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Contact BHRV Today 

Having a refrigerated van can be a game-changer for all kinds of businesses. If you’re still on the fence, it might help to know how these vans work and what they have to offer before making your decision. 

For example, if you use one of these vans as part of your business model or fleet, then having access to this kind of technology could increase efficiency and profitability by reducing operating costs while increasing sales volume at the same time.

And that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to benefits! The bottom line is that there are plenty more reasons why investing in a refrigerated van may make sense for any company – so don’t wait another minute. Contact BHRV for more information or read our FAQs today. We can help you with new, used and converted vans. 

Should You Hire Or Buy A Refrigerated Van?

Every business needs to transport goods, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. If you have a refrigerated van, you can take on more deliveries and save money by not having to lease or buy one. But if you don’t already own a refrigerated van, it can become expensive when you look to buy one, which is not always realistic for some companies, especially after the year a lot of businesses have through Coronavirus. 

The beauty of renting is that there are no long term commitments. You only pay for the equipment while it’s in use, which means after just a few months of using a rental company’s refrigerated trucking trailer with freezer units installed inside, many businesses find they’ve saved enough money to purchase their own from an authorized dealer such as us here at BHRV. Our team has a vast amount of knowledge and understanding when it comes to refrigerated vans, let us give you a few things to think of in the debate of rent or buy. 

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Your Budget 

One of the most important factors to take into account when deciding whether you should hire a van or buy one is the financial impact it will have on you and your business. Setting yourself a budget is crucial to understanding whether or not you can afford to buy. Small companies don’t usually have the funds to buy a fleet of refrigerated vans, and sometimes not the budget to purchase one, it is expensive to get high-quality vans. Refrigerated vans are more expensive than your regular vans, this is due to the technology they are fitted with, making them not always accessible. 

If you are debating whether to rent or buy a van, it is more than likely you don’t already have one, therefore one of the reasons we would suggest hiring a van is, you don’t know which type of van will work best for you. Hiring a van will give you the chance to work out what van you need and also whether your budget will stretch to cover the particular make and model you are interested in. 

Budget, like any within a business, is the deciding factor, if you don’t have the finances to secure buying a refrigerated van, hiring one provides a cheaper option. During this time you may find you are able to save some money for buying in the future. But you do need to be sensible when you decide the budget you have to spend. 

How Long Will You Need A Van?

Not all businesses who would use a refrigerated van would use it every single day, bakeries and caterers may only need a van for when they are needed at a function, which might not be often enough to need to buy a van. The flexibility that hiring a van gives you is sometimes one of the best advantages to choosing this route rather than buying. With multiple hiring options such as day hire, monthly or yearly it is the perfect option for one-off needs. 

Another reason the length of time you need it for is an important factor to consider is that, if you only need a refrigerated van during the summer then why buy one and spend the money when you can save it and hire one when you need it? Or maybe you are a florist for example that only delivers flowers on a specific day of the week, hiring would again work out more financially beneficial. 

One thing to remember is that when you are hiring a refrigerated van, it will be a set cost, for the length of time you choose to hire it. Once you have found the length of time you need it, you can budget for this expense every month and in turn, it will become part of your monthly expenses that you can prepare for in advance. This works perfectly for small businesses or companies that don’t need a refrigerated van daily. 

Keep in mind though that this system doesn’t work for everyone, you need to do the sums and work out whether it will be more beneficial to hire or buy over the length of time you plan to hire the van for. For example, two days a week for 5 years might work out more expensive than making the investment. It all depends on the length of time you need the van for, this really does need to be considered in the calculations, it will make all the difference. 

What Van Do You Need?

When it comes to knowing which type of refrigerated van you need, it is perfectly okay to not know the answer. If you have never had one before in your business, how are you supposed to know which van will work for you? There is a vast range of sizes and types of refrigerated vans available today, so when you decide to buy one, how will you know which one to choose? 

Having the option to hire vans makes the decision easier, if you have the finances to do so, we would recommend hiring a few different ones to establish which one will work for you. This will be better for you than buying a van and realising it doesn’t suit your specific needs. It goes without saying that our professional team here at BHRV would be able to help you, but sometimes it is better to get a feel for the van in person and also in business practice. 

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Why Buy A Van?

If you are confident that your business is in the position to need a refrigerated van and you have the money to purchase one, then you should go ahead and choose the van that works for you, that is the only decision you need to make. With plenty of options on the market, we recommend getting in touch with our team here at BHRV if you have any questions about which van might work best for you. 

When you buy a new van you will be choosing high quality that you can be confident will possess the best technology and you can choose the exact van that will work for you. But you should always consider a new used van as well, these are cheaper options with the same quality. Either way, when you buy a refrigerated van you can be happy knowing the van is owned by you and your business. The only downside to this is, if anything goes wrong with the van, it is on you to get fixed and repaired, which can become costly depending on the issue. 

Why Hire A Van?

When people think of hiring vehicles, they automatically assume that it will be a short term solution to a long term problem. That simply isn’t the case, here at BHRV we have worked with customers who have hired vans for years, this is because it is the right decision for them and their company. 

There are a handful of reasons why hiring a refrigerated van takes precedence over buying, these are; 


  • Flexible contracts 
  • Small, medium and large vans are available, you will find something for you
  • Different temperature vans available, fridges and freezers
  • All vans are up to date and fully insured 
  • Breakdown cover 
  • Refrigerated van engineers on call should anything go wrong


All of the above things you do not get when you buy a refrigerated van can be difficult to make a decision when it comes to buying or hiring, but we hope we have given you a little bit to think about. 

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Contact BHRV today 

Buying or hiring a refrigerated van completely depends on the financial status of your company and also how often you need to use a van, these are the most important factors to consider when you start thinking about refrigerated vans. We hope we have given you a few things to consider and have also put your mind at ease regarding hiring a van, it is easier than you think. If you have any other questions or queries, please get in touch with our team today. We are more than happy to help you. 

Refrigeration Units for Fridge Vans and Vehicles

When it comes to refrigeration units, they are available for a number of industry sectors and all come with different specifications. Should you be interested in purchasing a new refrigerated van, first you will need to consider your main requirements for the refrigerated vehicle, such as, the temperature of the unit that you require, as well as what you will be using the fridge unit van for.

Refrigerated Vans Makes and Models

Should you be looking for a new fridge van but you have already found the commercial panel for it, then before we provide the conversion we will need to know the exact specifications as well as the make and the model. This will allow us to assign the best refrigerator unit to your vehicle, making sure that it is powerful enough to hold and carry your products or items. It’s also important that we consider the temperature during transportation as well as any stops that you may make in the van, all of these areas will affect the type of refrigeration unit van you need. We aim to find you a suitable unit that will maintain the quality of the product in your vehicle, bigger vans will need more high powered units and smaller vans will usually be ok with a lowered power unit as they won’t need to keep as much space for chilled or frozen goods. By considering a specific make or model of a van, can also help to determine if the vehicle’s air conditioning unit can be retained or will need to be removed.

If you are interested in a complete bespoke fridge unit conversion from BHRV, then we will consider all of your needs and requirements, we will then come up with a package that suits your business and will provide you with the best performance possible.

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Temperature and Product Requirements

The temperature that is needed for your load space is another essential area to consider when it comes to choosing the right refrigeration unit van, should you need chiller units for vans or frozen unit, or maybe you need dual temperature refrigeration, either way, at BHRV we aim to provide you with the most powerful refrigeration unit van, ensuring that it is always at the right temperature.

Stop Offs

How many drops, collections or stop-offs you will make in your vehicle will affect the refrigeration unit in your van, ideally, if you can consider the length of an average working day, as well as how many stops you may do, this will help to choose the right refrigeration unit for your van. The more stops and the longer your day will be, the more powerful units you will need.

Stop/Start Engine

We can provide a stop/start system to newer van and vehicle conversions, the stop/start function will be automatically disengaged so there’s no need to turn the feature off each time you stop the engine.

Img 1393 - BHRV Refrigerated Vans

Keep The Vehicle Running During Deliveries

A ‘run lock’ system can be provided, this means that drivers can keep their fridge van running by the vehicle’s engine even when the van has stopped. The system will also monitor safety features automatically and deactivate the engine if any unauthorised movement is detected.


Should you have any questions or queries regarding the van refrigeration unit that we provide for fridge vehicles and vans, simply call our professional team today, they will be more than happy to assist.

The Refrigerated Van Buying Guide


When it comes to purchasing a new refrigerated van, we understand that it’s not always an easy decision when choosing which one to purchase. With this in mind, at BHRV, as fridge van experts, we are going to go through everything you need to know when purchasing your brand new refrigerated van. Here we take a look at the most important areas to consider when purchasing a new fridge or freezer van:

What temperature do I need my refrigerated van to be?

This must be one of the most important fridge or freezer van questions, when you have decided or discovered the temperature that you are going to need, you can then look for a vehicle that will match this. At BHRV when it comes to our range of refrigerated vans and bespoke fridge van conversions, we will provide clear information regarding the temperature that you need.

Img 432 Large - BHRV Refrigerated Vans

What am I using my refrigerated van for?

Again, another vital question, what do you need your refrigerated van or vehicle for? Are you using it to transport food produce? Or maybe it’s for important equipment for the pharmaceutical industry? Either way, your usage of the refrigerated van will affect the vehicle that you choose. We don’t convert any of our vehicles to suit particular service industries, but the type and temperature that they provide will be suited to different vehicles or vans.

How many stops, drops or deliveries will I make using my refrigerated vehicle?

This question is essential, the number of stops you carry out in the vehicle will affect the power of the refrigeration system. You may be planning on multiple stops, so this will require a powerful system, whereas limited drop-offs may reduce the fridge power only slightly. Another important area to consider is considering a van that has a backup system, just in case the power was to go off for whatever reason, a backup power source can take over and make sure that your products or goods are still chilled.

Do I need any extra specifications added to the fridge van?

There are a whole host of extra specifications and modifications that you can include in your fridge van conversion, from adding a slip-resistant floor or a wet load floor, these are great for vans that are going to get a lot of foot traffic. You can also add extra shelves and racks, great options for more storage space for your products and goods.

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Refrigerated Vans from BHRV

At BHRV we are experts when it comes to providing refrigerated vehicles and vans, we offer a large range of fridge vehicles including new and pre-owned. What’s more, is our team is highly experienced with over 60 years in the industry, our company has also been established for over 20 years, so when in need of refrigerated vehicle specialists, BHRV is definitely the team to call on. We also only supply top-quality refrigerated vehicles that are to the highest standards, when you choose BHRV for your fridge vans, you can count on a dependable service. For more information, please give our friendly team a call today.

If you’re looking for refrigerated and fridge vans or vehicles, simply get in touch with our professionals today. Alternatively, you can view our range and stock of products on our website, should you have any questions or queries, simply call our professional team today they will be more than happy to assist.

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