What is a Freezer or Fridge Van Conversion?

Refrigerated van conversions have set the standard for the temperature-controlled transport sector, these vehicles have been converted into a fridge or freezer van and can transport a range of products that require certain temperatures. For example, in pharmaceuticals, public safety is essential and will need to meet the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidance surrounding medical products for human use. Here at BHRV, we take a look at the refrigeration conversion process.

Refrigerated Vehicle Conversions

When it comes to using manufacturing automation, as well as superior systems, conversion kits will make use of light, strong and durable areas that can help to optimise vehicle productivity, conversions have the flexibility to suit a range of user needs and requirements. This includes racking, electric standby and multi-temperature capability. Conversions that exceed the needs of testing will need to be certified as being suitable for the carriage of different types of perishable loads, this includes food and drink as well as pharmaceutical products.

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How Do We Convert Vehicles?


We recommend that you choose a light, strong and durable GRP sheet that comes with a woven roving reinforcement as a regular surface, this way you don’t need to use weighty timber elements within the wall construction, while not compromising on strength and durability. Load-bearing floor panels can benefit from extra reinforcements as well as a choice of finishes that will suit your operation.


Use an extruded polystyrene insulation board, this will ensure manufacturing to the highest standards, this type of material will include an exceptionally low thermal conductivity figure along with other benefits such as high tensile and shear strength, fire resistance and closed-cell structure in order to reduce water absorption.


Refrigeration or heating units that will extract any unwelcome heat that penetrates the lining, we aim to provide our customers with suitable refrigeration units, this is so that the converted vehicle always maintains the right temperature in all environments.

The Conversion Process

  • The vehicle base is stripped and any cavities are filled with foam and insulation
  • Insulate the doors and cover with GRP sheets
  • Add strengthening to the roof for the fridge unit
  • Add vacuum pressed panels of foam and marine plywood
  • Cut the panels to size
  • Install the bulkhead, roof, sides and floor
  • Seal all joint
  • Laminate the panels in the vehicle
  • Paint the interior using Gelcoat
  • Fit LED lights
  • Fit the right fridge unit

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Conversions from BHRV

The conversions that we provide are high quality and competitively priced, we can convert any and all vans to chiller, freezer and fridge vans. When you choose a van conversion from BHRV, you can expect:

  • Highly durable
  • Will last the test of time
  • Made to the highest standards
  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective

For more information on our fridge and freezer conversions and conversion kits and services, get in touch with BHRV today, you can also check out our refrigerated van buying guide here.

A Guide to Fridge Van Conversion Kits

Here we take a look at fridge van conversion kits, at BHRV we are experts in fridge van conversions, in this blog, we cover what they are, how they are made and the benefits that they provide. Whether you are looking for a brand new fridge van or need to replace your current refrigerated van, we can help!

What are fridge van conversion kits?

Refrigerated van conversion kits involve a range of items and materials that can be used to convert refrigerated vehicles. There is a range of insulating kits available for freezer and fridge van conversions, with this in mind, they are great for vehicle bodybuilders, fridge engineers and transport refrigeration trades, those who will be involved in fridge van conversions.

Freezer and fridge van conversion kits are produced using extruded polyester, this is known as XPS, this rigid insulation is formed with polystyrene polymer and is fabricated using an extrusion process. The insulated lining kits will be used for the roof and sides of the panel van, to permanently bond the GRP plastic together that has been manufactured using a process that will reliably and permanently bond the insulation. The kits available will vary in thickness and depend on whether you want a fridge van or a freezer van.

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What types of businesses need freezer and fridge conversion kits?

Any business that needs a refrigerated vehicle can invest in a conversion kit if they want to convert their vehicle. There are a range of manufacturers out there who provide vans and vehicles that have already been converted for vehicles and vans, kits are available which can suit all types of makes, models and temperature requirements.

What benefits do they include?

When it comes to converted freezer and fridge vans, there are many benefits. Something that will be important to all fridge and freezer transporters of items is the payload, ultra-light insulation kits come with the option of being sustainable and timber free. There are also kits that have been built to pass Type A (chilled) and Type C (frozen) ATP Approval Certificate tests, there is also the comfort of knowing that the majority of these kits and products are all fully accredited by van manufacturers.

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What is in a conversion kit?

Conversion kits tend to include the following…

  • A full set of panels that have been cut using CNC-machined precision, will include closed-cell extruded polystyrene insulation as well as high impact GRP that is suitable for hardwearing, hygienic and insulated interiors.
  • Floor surface that is ready to lay and comes in different types such as load-bearing reinforcements.
  • Pre-cut extruded aluminium skirting.
  • Ge-coated wheel boxes with ready fitted insulation.
  • CNC- machined door skins with ready-fitted insulation.
  • Waterproof LED light housing with connectors.
  • Adhesive sealants and tapes.
  • Full instructions alongside CAD drawings that cover the assembly process.

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